About Adrian Gawedzki

Sales Representative

Adrian Gawedzki became a Realtor by doing what he enjoys. The son of a contractor, Adrian grew up around home renovations learning the details and intricacies which go unnoticed among most home buyers. The importance of homes and how they affect quality of life was a mindset that led him to study real estate. After earning his Masters in Locational Geography from Ryerson University, Adrian Gawedzki worked with Wal-Mart helping the global goliath manage its Canadian real estate needs. 

What makes Adrian an effective Realtor is his combination of skills, which include his ability to understand the needs of business professionals, couples and individuals at every stage of their lives. He genuinely has a love for experiencing and understanding different cultures and lifestyles, which he has fueled with his extensive travels. 

During his spare time, Adrian continuously researches and explores innovations and developments in home living, renovation, building and technology. His ability to quickly learn and implement latest developments, such as those for smart homes, makes a significant difference to his satisfied clients. Adrian leverages his skills and cutting-edge knowledge to help his clients maximize their quality life. As a result, many of Adrian’s clients are able to maintain their ideal home while travelling extensively for either work or pleasure. 

With a relaxed, approachable and genuine personality Adrian makes the biggest difference to his clients, by making their real estate transactions seamless and with minimal stress. Catering to executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and young parents, Adrian knows the importance of making the home search and buying process as efficient, stress-free and effortless as possible. He takes the time to present his research and analysis, explains the process and guides them through the decision steps.

Adrian Gawedzki sees real estate as both the foundation of a happy life, but also a successful life. His approach is to help acquire real estate to improve quality of life and also secure financial security as an investment. As a result, Adrian’s is sought after by both homeowners and real estate investors, especially busy individuals that are looking to maximize their quality of life.